Greetings! You’ve stumbled across the blog titled The Middle(tons) of Nowhere.


This blog is dedicated to all of the things I love.  Some of these lovable things include: family, friends, my doggy, photography, cooking, travel, and teaching.  I also like to blog about minimalist living, sustainability, DIY home beauty products, and outdoor adventuring. My fiancé and I are beginners in the world of minimalist living and aspiring tiny house-er’s.  This blog is dedicated to all of these beautiful, lovable things.



Over the years I’ve had two other blogs, both were dedicated to our life in Alaska.  This year things will be a little different.  I’ve accepted a teaching job on an island in the middle of Lake Michigan.  This island is accessible by airplane or boat and only has 600 residents. Thankfully, my wonderful fiancé and our dog will be embarking on this adventure with me.  Life is about the little things, and our little family is ready to start a new life on a very little island.



4 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks for reading! It is really an adventure to live here on the island! We miss Alaska a lot, but we are happy to have found a spot in the Lower 48 that we are enjoying too.

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