Weekend Hikes : Donegal Bay Beach

We are all about the weekend hiking in this family.  When we lived in Juneau it was not unusual for us to spend every Saturday and Sunday out hiking, sometimes for 4+ hours a day.  It’s been tough to get into much hiking here on the island.  I’ll admit that it’s probably my own fault.  I’ve been so sad and nostalgic for Alaska hiking.  Don’t get me wrong, there is some good hiking on the island.  There are many nice trails that twist and turn through dunes, beaches, pine and birch forests, and other cool places.  My heart just hasn’t been in it though.  I’ve been in an Alaskan funk lately with hiking.  I’ve been missing my rainforest trails and my mountain views.  This weekend I had to kick myself into gear though.  For my own mental health I needed to be outside.


Cody, Specks (the dog), and I decided to spend Saturday and Sunday both at the beach.  Donegal Bay Beach is only a few miles from our house.  While there aren’t any actual trails there, Lake Michigan is frozen enough to allow for some lengthy strolls across the ice.  We spent nearly an hour out there both days.  Just tromping around in the snow and ice.  It was a pretty nice day on Saturday, with temps in the mid-thirties.  Sunday was bone chillingly cold though.  Temps in the single digits and wind chills that put us well below zero.  We were frozen by the time we got home on Sunday afternoon.


This weekend was just what the doctor ordered to cure my winter blues. Totally worth braving the cold.  The views were pretty spectacular.  Plus, we got some much needed exercise for us and the doggy. It was a wonderful weekend.  We finished it off with a pizza from a local joint and a binge-marathon of Law and Order.  Not too shabby.

Your turn…What do you do to fight off the winter blues?

Currently listening to…Johnny Cash- Big River



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