On Friday, it snowed a bunch and Cody and I both had the day off of work together.  Cabin fever set in pretty quickly so we decided to strap on our snowshoes in the early afternoon and trek around at a local beach.


We walked to the beach near our house and then snowshoed down a small hill and out onto a beach.  Much of Lake Michigan was frozen where we were so we walked out onto the lake too.  Thankfully, our snowshoes have ice cleats on the bottom, making the trek seem much easier than it would have been otherwise.    It was great fun!


By the time we got home we were freezing because it was only about -15°F outside.  The wind blowing off of the lake froze us to the bone, even in our heavy winter gear.  Specks loved it though.  He doesn’t seem to mind the cold so much.  Snow is his favorite thing in the world. He was pretty pooped after it was all said and done though.  Perfect way to spend a snow day : )


Your turn…Have you been partaking in any winter sports lately?

Currently listening to…Sweater Weather- The Neighborhood 


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