Snow Day

I’ve been teaching for three years now, and until today I hadn’t ever been gifted a snow day.  Once, in Alaska, it snowed 30inches overnight and we still had school.  For real. This morning when I saw that school was closed I was thankful.  After spending a few years in Alaska I had forgotten how awful Midwestern winters can be.  Juneau winters are great…temps between 20-30, occasional warm-ups with rain showers, and winter sports galore. Midwestern winters are evil…temps in the -20 range, drifting snow, and ice storms. I’ll take those dark SE Alaskan winters any day.


Today, I am hoping to spend the morning relaxing with a good book and then maybe I’ll go out snowshoeing this afternoon.  I got some Redfeather Snowshoes for Christmas.  Winter sports have always been something that I enjoy so I can’t wait to test them out.  Cody got a pair too so I think we’ll make a family event out of it.  Stay warm!

Your turn…Were there any snow days in your state this week?

Currently listening to…Eddie Vedder- Setting Forth


2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Hey none down here in Texas but I will be back home in Livengood, Alaska at the end of the month and I am sure there will be a few snow days later this year.

    • Hey, a fellow Alaskan! I’m looking forward to getting back to Juneau in a few months. I actually miss the more mild winters of SE Alaska. Northern MI is brutal in the winter. How are the winters in Livengood? I’d imagine pretty chilly since it’s in the interior!

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