A Review of 2014

This year was an exciting one for me. I traveled across two counties and over ten states. I camped under the huge Canadian Rockies and watched a moose drink from a roadside pool. I nearly hit a bear…and then a bison with my car on the ALCAN Highway. I climbed mountains and hiked all over Alaska. I scaled a glacier and ate a hunk of ice right off of the side. It was a truly incredible year. To wrap-up the year I have decided to compile a list of my favorite pictures from each month. Enjoy!


January: This was snapped at Skater’s Cabin in Juneau, AK.  January was a ridiculously warm month in Alaska last year. It had been in the 40’s for many weeks and we made the most of it by spending every day outside.  This particular day was a sunny Saturday.  We packed up our grill and met friends at the cabin for a big cookout.


February: This was taken on Bluff Trail in North Douglas, AK.  This trail is one of my favorites for doggy walking.  It is a pretty wooded trail that opens onto a big, beautiful beach.  We often saw otters, bears, and other creatures on the trail.  Specks loved it!


March: This was taken at Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, AK.  Cody and I trekked over Mendenhall Lake, up the side of the glacier, and then INSIDE the glacier.  We hunted around the ice caves. The ice was incredibly blue and ethereal-looking.  This was one of the most incredible days of my life.  Once in a lifetime.


April: This was taken at False Outer Beach in North Douglas, AK.  Again, this is one of my favorite dog walking spots.  The beach is right off of the road, but there are huge bluffs and rocky beaches to explore at every turn. The day was seriously breathtaking.


May:  This was taken at Eagle Beach in Juneau, AK (out the road). The weather was unseasonably warm  and we loaded up and met some friends for a day of fun at the beach.  It was in the 70’s and the sun was shining bright.  I actually managed to get a sunburn!

JUN (2)

June: This was taken at Fish Creek in North Douglas, AK.  A very sunny and warm winter/early spring gave way to a rainy and cool summer.  It stayed in the 50’s for most of June.  We made the most of it though by getting outside and finding fun activities to do.  This day was spent fishing, hiking, and relaxing at one of our favorite spots.


July: This was snapped on top of Mt Roberts in Juneau, AK.  My family was in town visiting from Illinois and we braved the climb up Mt Roberts for a little fun.  The days were still chilly, which made for perfect climbing weather.  My mom brought along this compass and had the idea to take a picture with it at the top.  Turned into a perfect shot.


August: This was taken on the ALCAN Highway in the Yukon Territory of Canada.  This was a tough month to pick a favorite picture.  Cody and I took a huge road-trip and drove the ALCAN.  It was incredible.  The Yukon was probably my favorite place we drove through, British Colombia comes in at a close second.  I highly recommend this trip!


September: This was taken at Donegal Bay Beach on Beaver Island, MI.  Cody and I were LOVING the warm weather in Michigan.  We spent almost every day at the beach that month.  Lake Michigan was a wonderful temperature for swimming.  So tropical!


October: This is another shot from Donegal Bay Beach on Beaver Island, MI.  The weather turned cooler in October, but we still visited the beach frequently.  Sunsets over Lake Michigan are unrivaled in my opinion. There is no such thing as a bad sunset here.


November:  This was snapped at Fox Lake on Beaver Island, MI. The leaves were absolutely stunning this year.  A rainy fall made for some incredible scenery on the island. This picture was taken after a fun day cruising around the island.


December: This was taken from my bedroom window in Michigan.  Snow had recently fallen and the sun was rising through the trees.  It was a lazy Sunday morning and I was sipping coffee from bed.  The views from my bedroom window are always so relaxing.

Here’s to another fantastic year!!

Your turn…What was your favorite part of 2014?

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