Simple Saturday Realizations

Today I was sitting down, in my new house, and thinking to myself that I am so incredibly glad that Cody and I do not bog ourselves down with “stuff.”  We live a fairly nomadic existence.  We travel, we move.  It’s just the way we have always been as a couple.  Since we started dating we have lived in five different houses, in four different towns, in three different states.


When I look back at our two huge moves I realize how much simpler they were made by our simple lack of stuff.  I know someone else who moved from Alaska to the lower 48 and spent $10,000.  Cody and I spent $500 on shipping everything we owned.  We spent probably equal to that on gas/lodging/food along the way.  But, we also took a sllllooooooow and leisurely trip.  Realistically, we could have probably done it for half of that if we had been traveling more cheaply. I always wonder how other people, who enjoy travel, can live with so much stuff.

I go to other people’s houses and see an entire closet (or basement) full of extra towels, old clothes, broken toys, endless amounts of decorations, etc.  This always leaves me wondering.  What is wrong with me? I have only one small drawer of “junk” and it isn’t really even junk.  It’s miscellaneous electronics (cameras, chargers, etc) writing utensils, and sticky notes.  All of the stuff in my junk drawer is stuff I use, so does it really even count?  Who knows.  I certainly don’t have a clue.


Long story short, why do we save things that we consider junk?  Why do we feel the need to bog ourselves down with endless amounts of stuff.  When I think about this I realize that Cody and I may just be different.  We are childless, we travel, we live frugally, we avoid debt.  Maybe these are the things that set us apart.  Maybe these are the things that allow us to live such a simple existence.  There are a lot of maybes in life.  One of my certainties is that I love living simply.

Your Turn…What do you think of simple living? Do you participate in the lifestyle? Why or why not?

I am currently listening to…Bon Iver- Perth 


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