Lately, I have been a bit behind the times.  I’ve had visitors come to the island multiple weekends in a row, I started coaching for the high school, hiking has been making weekly appearances in my life again, and I somehow still have time to teach three grade levels.  Basically, I am busy as hell and forgot I even owned a computer.  Whoops.


Life has been great lately though, albeit a bit busy.  I’ve loved getting to know our little island a bit better.  There is so much to see for such a tiny place.  Most of it is pure wilderness too, which is right up my alley.


Other than living a crazy life, I have been finding time to cook and do a little photography.  Both hobbies are a MUST for my happiness.  Luckily, I must cook food to survive and the island presents many photography opportunities.


Here’s to hoping I don’t forget about my computer again.  I’m hoping to come at you with some awesome minimalist living posts in the near future. Maybe a few recipes too?  Cross your fingers for me!

Your turn…What has been keeping you busy lately?


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