Favorite Fall Recipe

Pardon my brief hiatus from participating in #Blogtober14.  My mom was in town visiting me all weekend, I felt it was necessary to set the computer down and just enjoy some company.  We had a great time, which I will recap later on this week in the blog.  Until then, enjoy this beautiful picture from our weekend.


Now, onto catching up on Blogtober topics…lets go with my favorite fall recipe! Frankly, this is too hard for me to choose.  I love ALL fall recipes.  Anything pumpkin, nutmeg, apple, or cinnamon is totally up my alley.  I do really enjoy this pumpkin cake recipe though.  I’ve made it quite a few times already this year.  Cody and I have made it for personal consumption twice and I’ve made it for various school functions too.  It’s an easy recipe to do substitutions with too (making it vegan or GF is totally doable).


My other favorite recipe is this PSL recipe.  Everybody loves a little PSL.  I live on a remote island with no Starbucks though.  This forces my hand and I have no choice but to make my own version of this tasty fall treat.  I mostly save this recipe for the weekends, when I have the time to sit around and actually enjoy my coffee versus inhaling it before work.   I also like to serve mine with some homemade cinnamon rolls, that’s optional though 🙂


Your turn…What is your favorite fall recipe??


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