Welcome to #Blogtober14!!

Ok, I am a little behind on this one.  I think that this October blogging challenge will be a great way for me to reintroduce myself to blogging.  I was excited to see a challenge that celebrates my favorite month too.  So, to play catchup a little I am going to be blogging about the first four items on the Blogtober list today. Here goes nothing…

1.) If I won the lottery I would start by paying off all of my debt.  I only have outstanding debt on my student loans and my car.  I could pay them both off for under $15,000.  Doing this all at once would be amazing.  Next, I would probably work on setting some money aside for the future.  My future plans include another college degree, a house, traveling the world, buying/building a house, and having a kiddo or two.  It’d be so nice to be prepared for the future in this way.  I’d also like to set aside some money for my family and my local animal shelters.  If there was some leftover cash I would just save it.

2.) My dream job when I was a little girl was to be a teacher, which is exactly what I grew up to be! I don’t think I was anticipating being bogged down with standardized testing, low salaries, and insane amounts of “other duties as assigned.”  Either way I love teaching so it worked out well in the end.

3.) One thing I can’t live without is my (embarrassment alert) baby pillow. My grandmother made me a pillow to use in my crib.  Somehow I have kept it alive and in one piece over the last 20+ years. I still sleep with it every night and even as an adult I take it to sleepovers.  As a kid, I once cried all night when I left it at my daycare. The years have not changed this. Haha.

4.) My favorite photo that I have posted on Instagram is probably…all of them! I love Instagram and I love photography.  My favorite photo that I’ve ever taken is the background on my blog header.  Check out my page to see some of my other pictures!

Check back tomorrow for a full-length post about #5 on the Blogtober list! 🙂


2 thoughts on “#Blogtober14

    • Thanks! I thought this list of topics would be a fun way to start blogging more regularly. The weather on the island was rainy and in the lower 40’s yesterday. No rain yet today but it is still pretty chilly. I’m crossing my fingers the snow passes us over!

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