We Need More Travelers

Why do we travel so much? This is a question that I’ve answered numerous times.  People have this urge to put down roots and stay put.  This isn’t an urge that I have gotten yet in my life.  I’m young, adventurous, and have a job that makes traveling easy.  So why are we always defending our need to move out of the nest and travel the world?  Shouldn’t we consider ourselves  lucky to have this opportunity? I know that I do.

Waimea Falls, Hawaii.

Waimea Falls, Hawaii.

Some people see it as this incredible opportunity, while others see it as restlessness and poor decision-making skills.  Either way, travel makes me, and many others, quite happy.  As a twenty-something woman I feel the need to move, run, explore, and just be free.  Travel means having the life experiences to make our own choices and mistakes.  This is one of the many reasons why I think that more young people should travel.

I can’t tell you how many of my friends (men and women) graduated from college and moved immediately back home.  Practically, I can understand this standpoint.  You are saving money, spending time with family, and possibly securing a career.  What happens when the place you move home to has no job growth or potential though?  This was the case that I was faced with when graduating.  So I started looking.  Far, far away.

Juneau, Alaska.

Juneau, Alaska.

Many false leads later…one thing lead to another and eventually I found myself teaching in Alaska.  Was it an adventure? Yes. Did I learn something about myself? Yes.  Did I make infinite amounts of mistakes?  Naturally.  But, guess what? I loved every minute of it.  It was absolutely amazing.

Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin.

Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin.

Young people need to be spending their years after college traveling and exploring.  Twenty-somethings everywhere need to focus on finding themselves instead of chasing the American dream of debt.  I’ve been out of school for a few years now and the main thing that I’ve learned from traveling is who I am as a person. If nothing else, I hope to inspire a few more people to pursue a life of leisurely travel and self-discovery.  The world needs more of us, right?


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