Embracing The Island Lifestyle

Over the last month Cody, Specks, and myself have moved over 3,500miles to our new home in Michigan.  Previously, we were living it up in our home in Juneau, AK. We loved living in Alaska but we were ready for a change for a variety of reasons.  You’re welcome to read about our Alaskan adventure on my previous blog, Tales From The Last Frontier.


Now we are just busy settling into our slow-paced, island life.  Some people might not believe that living in the northern part of Lake Michigan would lend itself to “island living.”  To those people, I say, “You’ve never been to Beaver Island.”  The island that I live on is pretty much the epitome of the island lifestyle.  Life is incredibly slow.  The people are incredibly kind.  Basically, it’s a pretty nice and relaxing place. I think we made the right decision on where to call home for now.


We’ve been doing a fair amount of exploring since we arrived at our new house.  There are miles of pristine, unspoiled beaches on the island.  There are also a ton of hiking and biking trails to satisfy our outdoorsy habits.  I plan to make the most of them during the winter too.  Looks like I’ll be needing a new pair of snowshoes in a couple of months! In the meantime, I plan to spend all of my time taking in the beauty of our new home.


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